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Welding and fabrication work carried out including repairs

Bespoke Fire escapes to meet the reuquirements of the customer and to suit any individual structure/building

Agricultural products in stock or to order, with fast turn around and delivery




Flood gate for the launderette in Hebden bridge after the summer floods 2012 

6 Foot high railings

 Replacement street grates in the World heritage site: Saltaire village after the metal thefts.

Wall top railings to any size and specification.

Bespoke wall bracket to support rsj's/beams with plates to fit between block walls courses to help load bearing and find mesh attached for plastering over

 Bespoke brackets to fix the cladding at the new trinity academy in Halifax

Universal beams and columns, any size, any length, plated and or drilled.

 Fast turn around at short notice and all at very competitive prices.

Structual steel, to make a doorway in a barn roof for a conversion into offices.Also supporting the roof where beams were starting to split.